Dry Ice Wrapping Unit FP44

Dry Ice Slices which are used for the Airline Catering Services or for any food cooling application must therefore be wrapped in bags. Such bags are designed for easy handling with thin gloves. These bags are sized with lids on both sides to easy pick-up and place the slices to its place of use.

Dry Ice Wrapping Unit FP44 aktiv

  • Dry Ice Wrapping Unit FP44 Automatic Slice Wrapping Unit!
  • This automatic Dry Ice Wrapping unit will automatically wrap slices with a thickness between 15-30mm into polypropylene bags. The complete process is fully automatic.
  • Mechanical synchronisation for perfect feeding onto the wrapping unit.
  • All surfaces are in stainless steel
  • Machine speed is fully automatic
  • Slices are pushed into bags
  • Up to 900 wraps per hour
DRY ICE WRAPPING TECHNOLOGY FP44 - Smallest Space needed !

Due to our 23 years experience and know-how of CO2 and Dry Ice, we will be pleased to work out your dry ice manufacturing site, fully automatic and using minimal space. The layout below will just show you our smallest and complete dry ice production site.

Large, fully automatic Dry Ice Production Site Fully customized

This layout is our customized design for a very large dry ice production site, which will supply dry ice slices to one of the biggest Airlines in the world. The complete dry ice slice demand will be produced with our TWIN-ICE Machines fully automatic.

This is the largest, designed dry ice production site producing dry ice slices, blocks and pellets with automatic conveyor systems, bi-directional, automatic wrapping machines with redundancy. The plant is designed to offer maximum redundancy in production of dry ice, wrapping of slices and a fully automatic CO2-Gas Recovery Plant with automatic capacity control according to the flow and volume of CO2-Gas exiting the dry ice machines in production. 

We will be pleased to work out the next dry ice site for you with our full know-how and competence in CO2 and Dry Ice.

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Gas Companies

Airline Catering

Airline Catering