CO2-Storage Tank, vertical

Our CO2-Storage tanksare built to store liquid CO2 at a temperature below 0°C under pressure between 12 to 22 bar. Due to the low temperature of liquid CO2, the pressure will remain stable using a high quality vacuum insulation. This type of storage tank is built using high grade vacuum.

Important to be mentioned is, that this CO2-Tank is equipped with an inner vessel made in stainless steel. This high quality execution will ensure an everlasting quality and maintenance free operation.

Most of the well-known soft drinks manufacturer and breweries such as COCA COLA, PEPSI, HEINEKEN, CARLSBERG, etc. are demanding stainless steel execution while performing their audits in validating a possible CO2-supplier.

Available sizes and dimensions:

Item No.CO2 Contentinner VesselHeightDiameterTare Weigth
CTS-VVS33'600 kgstainless steel4'030 mm1'800 mm3'090 kg
CTS-VVS66'400 kgstainless steel5840mm1'800 mm4'500 kg
CTS-VVS99'300 kgstainless steel7'650 mm1'800 mm5'980 kg
CTS-VVS1111'300 kgstainless steel6'430 mm2'100 mm6'720 kg
CTS-VVS1616'310 kgstainless steel8'430 mm2'100 mm8'690 kg
CTS-VVS2021'100 kgstainless steel8'110 mm2'500 mm12'070 kg
CTS-VVS2525'200 kgstainless steel12'430 mm2'100 mm12'730 kg
CTS-VVS2626'400 kgstainless steel9'940 mm2'500 mm14'640 kg
CTS-VVS3131'600 kgstainless steel11'770 mm2'500 mm17'210 kg
CTS-VVS3737'700 kgstainless steel13'600 mm2'500 mm19'730 kg
CTS-VVS3232'900 kgstainless steel8'400 mm3'000 mm16'220 kg
CTS-VVS4141'700 kgstainless steel10'230 mm3'000 mm19'520 kg
CTS-VVS4343'700 kgstainless steel15'430 mm2'500 mm22'310 kg
CTS-VVS5050'500 kgstainless steel12'060 mm3'000 mm22'870 kg
CTS-VVS6060'300 kgstainless steel13'890 mm3'000 mm26'230 kg