CO2-Equipment for Desalination Plants

The DESAL CTS-Series offers a completely new way to ease automatic dosing, volume and pressure control of CO2-Gas used in desalination plants on smallest space available. The completely Swiss designed and well proven measuring unit finds its place in a small cabinet fully protected against any environmental polution such as sand, salt, dust and/or humidity. 

The connections for CO2-Gas inlet and automatically controlled CO2-Gas outlet are found at the lower cabinet and will also provide several, independently controlled outputs for more than just only one CO2-Gas dosing line.


  • The advantages are significant:
  • Small and compact in size, for transportation and for fast installation
  • Full Swiss Precision and durable performance
  • Large touch screen panel with PLC control
  • No large componentry, reduces service- and maintenance work
  • No service on CTS-DESAL Unit due to unique design without moving parts
  • All installed in a robust stainless steel or coated cabinet
  • Easy to operate and to adjust values of CO2-Flow automatically or manually
  • Full protection against any pollution such as salt, sand, dust, humidy etc.
  • CE marked, robustly built and proven over years