Dry ice pellet production

Comtecswiss Gmbh is a leading manufacturer of dry ice pelletizers technology, including vaporisers and 'triple ice technology' which creates uniform slices, blocks and pellets of dry ice. The dry ice pellet production industry is an exciting and constantly developing field. One example of dry ice pellet production is in the context of food safety: i.e. food cooling dry ice. In the case of food cooling dry ice, dry ice pellets are used for cooling food quickly and effectively. High density, top quality dry ice pellets are the most effective when food cooling dry ice is needed, and so it is essential to use pellets for food cooling dry ice that have been produced to a very high standard by a top quality dry ice pellet production technology. 

The dry ice pellet production technology used for food cooling dry ice and other needs, is relatively simple to explain. Dry ice pellets are produced using a pelletiser. This is a machine that creates dry ice snow and then compresses it into pellets that can be transported to companies that need dry ice (for instance, those that need food cooling dry ice). The pellets can be produced in different diameters depending on the size that is required for the application. This is done by using dies of different sizes on the extruder plates. 

There are various other products that are suitable for the use of dry ice pellets. For example, pellet storage systems are essential for anyone who uses dry ice pellets, including people who are in need of food cooling using dry ice. Specialised storage systems are necessary because they ensure that the pellets retain both their shape and their low temperature. In addition, proper storage is essential to protect employees and other personnel from coming into contact with the food cooling dry ice pellets without adequate protection. 

Dry ice pellets can be made on either a small or a large scale. Small scale dry ice pellet production can be done with a small pelletiser. However, large scale dry ice pellet production methods use large CO2 reclaiming and vaporising plants to meet larger scale dry ice pellet production needs. Both dry ice pellet production methods produce good quality pellets: the crucial thing is to select the dry ice pellet production method that suits the needs of your company.

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