Dry Ice Machines

Carbon Dioxide is used by plants in the process of photosynthesis and it is part of our breath out.

In other applications, this gas is added to drinks to make them fizzy, but dry ice machines are particularly useful for freezing things and keeping them frozen over long periods of time. You can handle the product using well-insulated gloves, and as it defrosts it will simply return to a gaseous form without leaving any liquid/condensate water behind. Hence the name, ‘dry ice’ says it all. Whatever your requirements, we have dry ice machines to suit your needs.

The TWIN-ICE and TRIPLE-ICE Technology dry ice machines have two hydraulic drives installed in one unit, they are small enough to install easily and will not necessitate any changes to a building. Using them, you can produce slices and blocks of dry ice at a rate of 800kg per hour. As these dry ice machines press vertically, rather than horizontally like all others, you’ll experience breakage ratio of almost 0%. When you need to produce larger amounts of slices or blocks between 15-120mm thickness, the TWIN-ICE 100 dry ice machines, the TWIN-ICE 200, or the even larger TWIN-ICE 400 dry ice machines, are ideal. If dry ice pellets is another requested dry ice product then choose between the TRIPLE-ICE100, TRIPLE-ICE200 and TRIPLE-ICE400 producing slices and blocks from 18-70mm and pellets in various diameters too.

For companies that specialise in cooled food products, our Dry Ice Wrapping Unit FP44 can make the process run smoothly. These dry ice machines work by wrapping slices of dry ice between 15mm and 30mm thick into polypropylene bags. The bags are completed with lids on either side so they can be picked up and put into place using thin gloves. The dry ice machines are fully automated, including the speed at which they work. The surfaces are finished in easy to clean stainless steel and up to 900 wraps are produced every hour. This is a great solution for companies where space is at a premium, as the FP44 is one of our most compact dry ice wrapping machine.

Dry ice at temperatures of around -78°C can only be stored using special equipment, like our Dry Ice Container. It benefits from extremely effective insulation, cutting sublimation losses down as far as possible. It is manufactured using polyurethane foam to be light weight and compact in size. This is designed to be a robust option and is offered extra protection with a silicon lid, which seals the cover. You can stack these dry ice machines on top of one another and they are conveniently accessible using a fork lift.

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