CO2 Vaporiser

Our co2 vaporisers uses one of the most energy efficient processes designed by COMTECSWISS GmbH, relying on nothing more than the ambient air to transform liquid co2 into gas. When you compare the cost in terms of energy, it can be up to 95% less than what you would need using conventional co2 vaporisers. 

This guarantees extreme savings, paying itself back in a year or even less. 

COMTECSWISS GmbH are committed to providing solutions that are the perfect fit for your business, and so COMTECSWISS GmbH co2 vaporisers are available in various capacities all the way up to 2000kg/hour so that you don't get stuck with a co2 vaporiser that's either wastefully large or unable to keep up with the growth of your business. Other available sizes are: 200kg/hour, 300kg/hour, 500kg/hour, 1000kg/hour, 1500kg/hour or up to 2000kg/hr. 

COMTECSWISS GmbH co2 vaporisers are adaptable to your needs in more ways than size. If you're struggling for space, they can be just as easily mounted on the ceiling as they can on the floor. The co2 vaporiser units are designed to be as compact as possible, so that no unnecessary space is wasted. Connections are easy with flanges and counter flanges that make installation quick and simple to do. 

Of course, we also take your safety seriously. That's why all COMTECSWISS GmbH co2 vaporisers are equipped with tough protective grids that stop any potential accidents before they can happen. The units are housed in lightweight stainless steel, making them highly resistant to damage and degradation over time. 

On the inside, the co2 vaporisers are equipped three coils and a condensate tray between the upper and lower coils, so that one coil is always in use whilst the others defrost, prolonging the lifespan of the co2 vaporisers by rotating through the coils, and ensuring zero downtime from the need to defrost the coils. The intermediate, horizontal condensate tray will stop the dripping of condensate from upper coil down onto the lower coil while the upper coil is regenerating. 

The only thing you need to do? As long as you want to keep the co2 vaporisers at maximum efficiency, a minimum air temperature of +10°C is required. After that, just let them work their magic. The co2 vaporisers can be installed within existing production plants, including breweries and soft drink bottlers to streamline production and let you reap the benefits of a COMTECSWISS GmbH co2 vaporiser immediately after installing the required capacity.

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