COMTECSWISS GmbH CO2-Production Plants

Co2 is normally produced as a by-product when producing Ammonia, Alkohol, or other chemicals. Supply levels are irregular, they often have to be transported from far away, and quite often in some countries simply aren't even available when you need them the most. 

There is a solution.
By taking advantage of a COMTECSWISS GmbH CO2-Production Plant, you can have full control over your supplies by being able to produce your own food-grade co2 on demand at the location you need it. COMTECSWISS GmbH has the expert knowledge and skills needed to set up a CO2-Production Plant anywhere in the world. Of course, these aren't the only benefits. You can enjoy massively decreased costs, increased reliability and have complete faith in the quality as you will have total control over your own CO2-Production Plant, letting you ensure that the co2 meets your high standards. If you're curious as to how a COMTECSWISS GmbH CO2-Production Plant works, it's actually quite simple and easy to understand, and we're happy to guide you every step of the way. Using this flowchart, let's go through each stage of a CO2-Production Plant. Firstly, controlled combustion of a fuel source such as diesel, kerosene or other natural gasses creates a flue gas with extremely high co2 content. The gas is initially cleaned using water. A chemical absorbent called MEA is mixed with the washed gas, which absorbs all of the co2 content. COMTECSWISS also offers the a total new solution which is their own brand OXIMEAPLUS. This is the coming next generation of  CO2-Absorbent which will be allowing a max. content of oxygen up to 7%. In addition this absorbent is regenerating and will last up to 1-2 years without chaning it. The next stage in the CO2-Production Plant is to heat the MEA to release pure co2. The MEA is circulated back into the system for reuse, reducing waste and operating costs. The CO2-Production Plant then purifies, compresses and removes any moisture from the co2 gas. The final stage is to turn the co2 gas into liquid form, which is stored in a tank for later use.

Pretty simple, right?

We're amazed that so many people still rely on outside sources of co2. Become independent and operate your own CO2-Production Plant. Your competitors won't be able to compete when they've been let down by their suppliers yet again, and you'll be in an excellent position to get closer to sing supply contracts with new customers.

If you still have any doubts about how a COMTECSWISS GmbH CO2-Production Plant can benefit you, we have the experience necessary to perform a full assessment of your unique requirements so that your CO2-Production Plant will be the perfect way to maximise your business.

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