CO2-Gas Recovery Plants in the Manufacturer of Dry Ice

During dry ice production, more than 50% of liquid CO2 is lost as a CO2-Gas. This Gas is lost in the air. By using a CO2-Gas Recovery plant it cuts the loss down to only about 5%. This means a immense increase in cost efficient dry ice production. Installing a CO2-Gas Recovery plant could let manufacturers double their dry ice production, without doubling raw material costs. The ability to collect and reuse the gas has led to an increase in the use of CO2-Gas Recovery plants and dry ice manufacturers are improving their provides fast with a high return on invest (ROI).

In general, the addition of CO2-Gas-Recovery plant to the manufacturers' production line is simple. The units can be incorporated easily into the process and our design will work with any type of dry ice machine. The overall profit after the installation of CO2-Gas Recovery Plants for Dry Ice Manufacturers is significant positive. They show increased productivity from recovering the gas. As an added bonus, installing one of these units means lessening your business's environmental impact. Always a good result.

More and more companies are choosing to install CO2-Gas Recovery Plants because manufacturers can see the benefits for their business. The release of CO2 gas is a physical result of the conversion of liquid CO2 into dry ice. It cannot be prevented. In the past, it was lost to the atmosphere. This resulted in a major loss of raw materials. The CO2-Gas Recovery Plant, however, allow the collection and recycling of this gas. They turn it back into a liquid form which can then be re-used. This results in a more effective production process which generates less waste. And less waste leads to increased profits. CO2-Gas Recovery Plants let dry ice manufacturers expand and grow their potential; they mean a by-product can be reclaimed and used again. 

Companies choose to install CO2-Gas Recovery Plants because dry ice manufacturers want the best for their business. They can see the potential installing a unit has. These plants stop the loss of CO2 to the atmosphere and increase productivity. The benefits of CO2-Gas Recovery Plants for dry ice manufacturers are clear: improved cost efficiency, larger profits and good environmental credentials. The installation of CO2-Gas Recovery Plants let dry ice manufacturers realise the full potential of their dry ice production business. The units literally stop loosing profits and allow almost the full use of liquid CO2 supplies in the production process. A definite win, win situation.

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