Co2 Dry ice

Ensuring that your co2 dry ice is kept in a solid state can be a difficult challenge, and you will need the right equipment to prevent sublimation and to keep losses of dry ice low. 

If not stored with proper and well designed containers, the co2 dry ice will rapidly be lost by the physical, normal sublimation caused by heat. The right design of container can ensure that dry ice is kept at an even temperature of -78°C  for an extended period of time. We've designed a dedicated dry ice container that is ideal for insulation, transport and storage. 

Here at COMTECSWISS GmbH, we've ensured that ourdry ice boxes/containers use extremely lightweight materials that are designed to be forklift accessible from any direction so that they can be moved from warehouse to destination easily. They are robust and strong with best insulation. 

Since dry ice containers can easily be damaged during transport and handling, our containers are compact and built with different layers to reinforce the outer shell. If you need to move larger quantities, the containers are easily stacked on top of each other for the best use of space. However, we recognise that your needs may vary regarding the quantity of co2 dry ice you need to store, so we have several models with differing dimensions available so that you can choose the model that fits your need best. A key feature common to all sizes of dry ice containers, is that we have kept the vertical height of the containers lower compared to other manufacturers, as this helps to protect the integrity of your dry ice by reducing the risk of the dry ice being smashed when being moved by forklift or transport over long distance by its own weight.

The level of insulation for COMTECSWISS GmbH co2 dry ice containers is second to none thanks to the innovative design, using high pressure injected polyurethane coated with impact resistant polyethylene, and a silicon lid, for maximum protection and temperature control. This also makes them extremely robust, so you can rely on them for years to come. We take a great deal of pride in our co2 dry ice containers, and they have been rigorously tested to ensure that they meet with all FDA, USDA and HPB regulations.

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